Club Info

Welcome to the home of the Nomads Badminton Club. The club plays on Wednesday nights at the Powerleague, Trafford, between 8:00 and 10:00pm. The club is open to all adults of a reasonable standard.

Why not come along and have a go yourself, as a visitor? We are always particularly short of women!

When and where is it?

We play at Powerleague, Trafford between 8.00 and 10:00 on Wednesday nights. The Powerleague is located opposite the Chill Factore ski slope, near the Trafford Centre, West of Manchester. Click the location link at the top of this page for more details. It’s easy to find, there’s and there’s plenty of parking.

Who plays and who’s welcome?

The club consists of upto 40 members of ages ranging from 18 upwards playing mixed and level doubles with feather shuttlecocks on 4 courts. The club has 2 teams that play in the Manchester Badminton League – not everybody plays in the teams and there are always at least 2 courts available for social play. Anyone of a reasonable standard is welcome to come and play with us one Wednesday night. Have a chat with Steve if you’re not sure of your playing level.

Do you play singles or doubles?

We only play doubles. That way, more people get to play, it’s more sociable and we don’t have to be quite so fit! It also helps keep our costs low.

Can I just turn up?

Please contact Steve before arriving for the first time (see Contact Us page).

Aim to arrive for 8.00pm or just after and go straight through to the sports hall. You don’t have to play for the full two hours – some members leave early or arrive late. There is no need to pay at reception as we organise monies by the courtside. Just ask somebody who’s wielding a badminton racquet to direct you to someone who can help.

Do you take it seriously?

Not particularly, no. We all play for fun, the social side of the game and to keep fit. The most serious we get is when playing league games but even then, it’s quite an informal league and we still play for the same reasons.

How many games will I get?

It depends on how many courts we have for the club on the night, how busy it is and how long your games last. Usually, there’s a short wait between games but on average, you can expect to be on court for at least as much time as you are off court. Generally, it’s quieter in the summer months.

Do you offer coaching?

We have a player who is a coach and once you’ve been down or contacted Steve we can put you in touch with him. Playing every week improves your game pretty quickly though!

Do you play in a league?

We currently enter two teams into the Manchester Badminton League. Each team consists of three men and three women. Home matches are played on two of the four courts on Wednesday nights and away matches are played on weekday nights.

What equipment do I need?

To play, you will need a badminton racquet and suitable clothing, namely non-marking trainers and clothes suitable for running around in. Feather shuttlecocks are provided. Racquets can be hired from the leisure centre reception if required.

How much does it cost?

As a visitor, it costs £6.00 per night to play. You can play for up to three sessions as a visitor. After that, if you meet the club’s standard of play, we would invite you to join the club.

How do I join?

First, come along for at least one night paying just £6.00 and if you like it, speak to someone about joining. Membership currently costs £144 per year, which works out at under £3 per week or £12 per month. If you join part way through the season, you will only pay for the remaining part of the season. It’s not necessary to pay the whole sum in one go either – you can pay by installments or monthly. Any guest fees paid will also be deducted from the membership fee.

Who runs the club?

The first members to turn up just start playing. We do have a committee for the more mundane aspects of the club. The committee for the current season consists of:

Chairperson: Alex Smith
Vice chair: Alison Dickson
Treasurer: Jacqueline Murray
General Secretary: TBC
Match Secretary: Diane Reid

See the contact page for how to get in touch.

The club is run by its members and is a non-profit making organisation. The fees you pay go only to cover our costs.

I want to ask a question…

Click the Contact Us above and send us an email.